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In AD 305, the world’s most powerful man, Emperor Diocletian, was faced with the decision of  where to spend the rest of his days. Of all of the known world, he chose to build his home in the  heart of the region which is now Dalmatia, setting the first stones in place for what is now the city of  Split. 

The Emperor built his retirement home, known as Diocletian’s Palace, on the peninsula near the  great Roman city Salona. During the past1700 years the Palace slowly turned into a city, which to  this day enchants with its rich tradition, glorious history and beauty of its natural and cultural  heritage. 

Diocletians’ Palace and the entire historical core of Split have been on the World Heritage UNESCO  list ever since 1979, and not only for the extraordinary preservation of the Palace, but also because  the Palace and its city continue to live a full life.  

All historical layers from the old Rome, middle ages till today are still visible and alive in this structure.  A walk through the ancient city takes you through time, along the great examples of ancient  architecture like Peristil, the middle aged Romanesque Church and Gothic Palace, Renaissance  portals of the noblemen’s houses, Baroque facades and modern architecture superbly merged in  the rich heritage.

Such stratification is mirrored in everyday life of Split. Local inhabitants sit in the same cafes,  restaurants, shop in the same stores as visitors, allowing them to experience and become a part of  the city and its rhythm.  

The vegetable market and the fish market represent the centre of each family’s life in Split, just as  the entire social life of this city of 200,000 residents reflects on the Riva waterfront promenade,  where every visitor should endeavour to have a coffee amongst the lively, animated folk of Split. 

Split is much more than glorious architectural scenery. Split is also a venue for excellent gourmet  and vine experiences, numerous cultural happenings like film and theatre festivals, exhibitions,  interesting museums and concerts.  

Also the extensive natural park Marjan Park, a green hill oasis over the city, with its scented pine  forest, jogging trails, mountain climbing and biking, recreational terrains, and ancient churches  carved in cliffs and hidden amongst the trees. 


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